Douglas Wodark
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"High Canyon Descent"

"High Canyon Descent"

  • 48 x 60"
Category: Limited Editions
Media: Giclee
Edition Size: 50
Framed: Framed
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Price: US$ 6000

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Allow approximate 10 additional inches for framing depending on painting

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High Canyon Descent
"High Canyon Descent"
Oxbow Bend
"Oxbow Bend"
Teton Magic
"Teton Magic"
Lakoda Fall
"Lakoda Fall"
Piney Lake
"Piney Lake"
High Country Colour
"High Country Colour"
Piney Creek
"Piney Creek"
First Snow on Snake River
"First Snow on Snake River"
The Trackers
"The Trackers"
Cowboy Christmas
"Cowboy Christmas"
Father and Son
"Father and Son"
Way Out West
"Way Out West"
Wild Horses Running Free
"Wild Horses Running Free"
Autumn In The Sawatch
"Autumn In The Sawatch"
Blue Eagle
"Blue Eagle"
Round Up
"Round Up"
Cold Snap
"Cold Snap"
High Mountain Shower
"High Mountain Shower"
Just Moseying Along
"Just Moseying Along"
Fresh Supplies
"Fresh Supplies"
Summertime In Rocky Mountain Park
"Summertime In Rocky Mountain Park"
High Ridge Party
"High Ridge Party"
Land Of Our Fathers
"Land Of Our Fathers"
Slow and Easy
"Slow and Easy"
Winter Canyon
"Winter Canyon"
Springtime Decent
"Springtime Decent"
Full Tilt
"Full Tilt"
Packing Out
"Packing Out"
High Mountain Lake
"High Mountain Lake"
Fall on the River( Unified piece)
"Fall on the River( Unified piece)"
Fall on the River (Shortened Version)
"Fall on the River (Shortened Version)"
Fall on the River (left)
"Fall on the River (left)"
Fall on the River (right)
"Fall on the River (right)"
Fall on the River (center)
"Fall on the River (center)"
Buffalo Moon
"Buffalo Moon"
High Country
"High Country"
High Country Left Panel
"High Country Left Panel"
High Country Middle Panel
"High Country Middle Panel"
High Country Right Panel
"High Country Right Panel"
Mama Bear
"Mama Bear"
Alpine Encounter
"Alpine Encounter"
Eagle River
"Eagle River"
Watering Bison
"Watering Bison"
Cowboy Canter
"Cowboy Canter"
Twin Warriors
"Twin Warriors"
Quiet Pool II
"Quiet Pool II"
Aspen Triptych
"Aspen Triptych"
Aspens Triptych Left
"Aspens Triptych Left"
Aspens Triptych Center
"Aspens Triptych Center"
Aspens Triptych Right
"Aspens Triptych Right"
After the Rain (Vertical)
"After the Rain (Vertical)"
Yellow Slicker
"Yellow Slicker"
Packing In
"Packing In"
Culling The Herd
"Culling The Herd"
Pack Horse
"Pack Horse"
Red Forest
"Red Forest"
On Watch
"On Watch"
Late Crossing
"Late Crossing"
Cowboy Portrait
"Cowboy Portrait"
Autumn Meadow
"Autumn Meadow"